“I’ve never been much of a Noir fan; Ravens in the Rain changed that. From the moment Pru and Carney meet at a Las Vegas casino, I was rooting for them. I anticipated a rollercoaster ride, but I couldn’t have imagined the twists and turns that awaited my new favorite couple. Christie and Jeff Santo pack the short novel with unique set pieces that Pru and Carney must navigate: a ‘bloody’ heavy metal concert, the zaniness of ‘Venis Beach,’ a sexed-up Hollywood mansion, a police station. The dialogue is both somehow realistic and fanciful. My only complaint is that I wanted more.” —Peter Conti, Author of Amazon #1 bestseller, Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive


“It is an amazing book crossing the line between a film noir movie and a novel love story… This is a book that you, the reader, cannot skim. The tender moments and rich dialog draw you in—this is a love story to root for. “ —Gerry Souter, WINDY CITY REVIEWS

"A dark romance that will keep readers guessing." —Kirkus Reviews

"This somewhat chilling not-quite-a-romance will satisfy readers looking for a mystery with a side of sexuality. Great for fans of: Kaira Rouda's Best Day Ever, James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice." —BookLife Review


***** "From the start, the game of blackjack and the instant chemistry had me hooked. ...It is an unconventional story but gets all the more exciting as the plot unfolds. The action is not just in the relationship but a part of the premise itself. It is fun. It is exciting but most of all, it is as much fun as watching a noir film." — Alex-The Shadow Girl

***** "This is a satisfying debut by a talented writing duo, with Carney and Pru's electrifying story as deviously delicious as the story of Bonnie and Clyde, or just about any film featuring Hepburn and Bogart." — Meg-For The Love of Meg

***** "Ravens in the Rain is a sexy, contemporary noir novel that begs to be made into a movie! The writing by Christie Santo and Jeff Santo evokes familiar noir characteristics: strong characters with mysterious pasts, sexual tension, flashbacks, betrayal. For me, the most compelling part of the Ravens in the Raven is the exploration of vulnerability. By digging into both Pru’s and Carney’s psyches, Ravens in the Rain examines the leap of faith needed to trust and fully love another person – not easy for people after years of trauma and mistrust. Like good noir, Ravens in the Rain engages audiences both on both plot and thematic levels." — Patricia Riek

***** "I received my pre-order today and couldn't wait to read it. Loved the story of two people who were lucky to find each other. I can definitely picture it as a film. Loved the twist at the end." — Noella B. Nuzzo (Amazon)

***** "What is the truth and who is telling it, but, does it matter? Very entertaining read." — Amazon Customer

***** "What a fantastic book written in the film noir style... It was beautiful following along as these characters learn about each other and ultimately about themselves and develop as human beings... Discovering that everyone is in their own sort of cage, no matter what the bars are made of was really eye-opening... Really enjoyed this book. Recommend!" — BlaironFire

***** "I flew through it in a day because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!" — Amazon Customer

***** "Life is full of pain, humans are imperfect, the only pure thing we really have is love. Ravens in the Rain illustrates that so beautifully with mystery, tenderness, and sizzle that leaves the reader curious and craving more. A well needed escape and a must read." — Cheryl (Amazon)

***** "I thoroughly enjoyed Ravens in The Rain. It’s a pager turner to be sure." — Dan (Audible)

***** "I loved the characters in this novel - hardened on the outside, but bundles of human insecurity on the inside. Aren't we all that way?" — Erin Collins (Amazon)

***** "The writers expertly captured the charm of the noir universe with its balance between realism and hazy dreamscape."   Amazon Customer

***** "I could not put this book down. Ravens in the Rain was the most unique and mesmerizing read. The vivid description and character development transported me into Carney and Pru’s world like I was in a movie and a part of every scene. All I was missing was my popcorn."  Linda (Amazon)

***** "They nailed it. It was like watching a black and white film on Turner Classic Movies. Their combined writing skills nicely blended a male/female perspective with deep character development." — Linda Hoolhorst

***** "I really enjoyed this book. It had fascinating characters (I really loved Pru) and a good story. Noir and romance don’t usually go together, but the authors really pulled it off and created a great book." — J Pastor

***** "This husband & wife team recently published their first novel. Their expertise in films shows through as the book plays in your head like a black & white romantic suspense movie." — Gina R. Mitchell

***** "I recommend this unique genre bending, but not breaking modern day dark romance with fascinating protagonists." — Avonna

**** "Ravens In The Rain is a cleverly disjointed and haunting tale that starts quietly but soon hooks you in." — Liz Barnsley

**** "Parts of the story seem almost dream-like in the story-telling which I found very appealing. I happily went along for the story. At the end of it, I wanted more of Pru and Carney." — J (from Goodreads)

**** "I loved how vivid the imagery was. The Santos definitely have a unique way of telling a story, and I absolutely loved it." — The Faerie Review

**** "Ravens in The Rain is an insightful story that starts laid-back yet after a brief time hooks you in." — Jody @ I'm Into Books

**** "Being a mystery and crime fiction fan, I’ve read some noir crime mysteries but a noir romance novel was a first for me and I’m glad that I read It because I enjoyed it more than the normal romance novels." — The Reading Bud

**** "While still holding true to the Noir theme, the duo has brought the genre into modern-day and added in an offbeat romance that does nothing but enhances the story." — JennlyT 

****  McFly's Book Bliss

**** "The narrative begins dark and doesn’t stray from the noir vibe." — Rosepoint Publishing

**** "I enjoyed the plot, the ending was mind-blowing and perfect! I couldn't have imagined a better way to close this case, so kudos to the authors. The writing style was beautiful, I could see it all happen in front of me and I could feel the artistic rhythm. There were a lot of 'quotable' lines too." — Aayusi Biswas

***1/2 "The style of the book almost acts as a third main character – moody and just a little bit wild and unpredictable. All the things noir mystery readers really appreciate." — That New Book Smell

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